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Training For The Workplace – Food Safety & Nutrition

6 Hour – Food Safety in Catering

Level 2 – Food Safety in Catering 1 day – 6 hour course

This is an excellent introduction to Food Safety in Catering and will benefit all employees at all levels, particularly those who hold, or are about to hold, a food safety role within their catering organisation. The course will clarify aspects of food safety which many of us believe to be complex and daunting. The importance of food safety in catering is underpinned by health and safety legislation that places a duty on employers to establish policies and procedures and ensure their employees receive appropriate training.

Successful candidates will be awarded a national level 2 qualification which will provide an ideal platform to higher level training or career development.


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4 Hour – Good Nutrition

Level 2 – Good Nutrition half day – 4 hour course

This 4-hour Good Nutrition course is designed for anyone who is working or seeking a career in food preparation and/or food service. It will give you basic knowledge of nutrition which will help you prepare well-balanced meals and menus, the result of which will have a positive impact on health as well as an understanding of special dietary requirements. If you particularly work in hospital or school kiktchens, residential homes or community-based kitchens, then this course will assist you in preparing well-balanced and nutritional meals. If you are considering a career in the food industry, then this course will give you a good understanding and appreciation of nutritional values and well-balanced diets. It will also help those who are active in sport and recreation, children or adults, in respect of producing well-balanced diets to support that activity.


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